brett lawrie

Yeahhh! How about some gossip with mister I don’t know how Facebook’s privacy settings work, Brett Lawrie.

Rumors flying around the interwebs are mentioning that Toronto Blue Jays third-baseman Brett Lawrie broke-up with his soccer chick Sidney Leroux. They were engaged. WOW. Please pay attention to the (???) in my title post. Can’t say if this is true or false. What’s intresting about Brett Lawrie these days is that he’s in Kelowna B-C on some sort of autograph signing tour. The lady in charge is Marissa Edler aka @RissyJoy. Here’s what he thinks of her:

Everyone follow Marissa ! she works at my agency and trying to get her some followers ! :) she’s a beauty ! aha

The girl hasn’t tweeted yet. LOL. Please take a close look at the picture and tell me: is that work-related-love pose or fao-king-the-pay-roll pose?

Expected comment of the day: when a guy puts his arm around a girl it doesn’t mean that they are dating. They’re just friends!

Photo: Brett Lawrie Twitter – @blawrie13

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