Now admittedly, the following tweet by the Maple Leafs Joffrey Lupul is dated 9th July, but I didn’t start ‘following’ him until this week. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.)


Joffrey Lupul beach

Anyway, I’m not posting the tweet because the other guy in the photo looks like Jose Bautista after one too many bacon wrapped Burkie’s dogs or because I have a thing for men in tight shorts.

(Brief interlude: I still have mental scars from the Volleyball scene in Top Gun even nearly 30 years later, so much so that I can only watch this updated version to ease the pain:)

Okay, where were we?……Ah yes, now I remember. No, the main reason for showing you the photo is to do with some of the comments made by various women on Instagram. The last one is my favourite:

THEELLIETRAIN: ‘Oh to be able to just sit and watch that.’

BROWNEYEDGIRRRRL: ‘This… Is a nice view.’

KMUNZZ: ‘Mmm baby.’

REEDSKIES: ‘Drooling….’ & ‘Feel free to post more photos like this one!’

NUTMEAGH: ‘Fawkkkk yesssss volleyballing.’

JESSICABEAUDOIN: ‘School girl crush on this feller! And it helps that he’s one of my fav hockey players right now.’

LITTLEMISSITALIANO: ‘Uummmm i think ur white shorts are see through haha.’


BHEWLIN28: ‘hes hot and he knows it.’

KRISSALGER: ‘Beautiful and now after seeing this I’m excited for hockey to come back!!!’

MARIACHEE: ‘girlboner.’

The continued growth of the ‘ladette’ culture amongst the fairer sex is now officially in overdrive. And I thought it was us guys who were meant to be the perverts?!?!

I can’t even pretend to be disgusted by this behaviour, I love it! Having always been in favour of equality between the sexes, if an attractive young lady wants to buy a guy a drink or invite him back to theirs, that’s fine by me.

The only thing I’m confused about is why I’ve never previously met any women with the same attitude as those making comments about Lupul and his ‘wonderjock’? (I know, I know, jealousy is an unattractive quality.) Oh yeah, that’s right; I’ve never been a handsome professional sports star with loads of money. *sigh*

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