We appreciate that Gary Bettman is an easy target at the moment.  However, rather than taking the moral high ground, Blue Toro felt it was more important to follow the crowd and join in the fun.

As such, we present our top five images of the NHL commissioner:

gary bettman dr evil

While this appears like an obvious characterisation, Gary can only hope to ever be as funny as Doctor Evil.

gary bettman hockey news

For the benefit of anyone who might be a bit slow on the uptake,  The Hockey News didn’t really go to print with the above edition.

gary bettman NHL 13

This one is particularly amusing.  However, we’re not sure how popular the NHL 13 Lockout Limited Edition will be, because you can only play as Gary Bettman.

gary bettman detroit

Despite Bettman’s comments about the NHL having the greatest fans in the world, we think this picture perfectly captures his true feelings.

gary bettman New York

We felt it was important to end on a serious note. While acknowledging Mr. Bettman’s trendy hairstyle, we’ve been here before.

In 1994, despite coming off a season in which a team from the biggest market in North America won the Stanley Cup, Gary still decided a lockout was necessary, thus negating any possibility of building on the NHL’s momentum.

Now, Bettman is doing exactly the same again, after a season when a franchise from the second-biggest market in North America finally clinched it’s first Stanley Cup.

It makes you wonder how serious Bettman really is about improving the popularity of a sport that is perennially looking up at the NFL, MLB and NBA in the United States.

Photo credit: The Score

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