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When I graduated from university, it was one of the highlights of my life.  Partly because I somehow managed to get first-class honours, but also because I got to meet our chancellor, actor Patrick Stewart.

However, one thing that did disappoint me about the day was the fact we were not awarded our actual degrees.  Instead, we were advised these would be received in the post sometime in the following six months!!

So why am I boring you with this story?  Well, it now appears that there’s a rather high profile organisation with similar issues:  the NBA.

The NBA held their first-ever social media awards event in June of this year, hosted by Shaquille O’Neal and Rick Fox.  The awards, voted for by fans, accounted for social activity across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and so on.

One of the winners was the Raptors Landry Fields, who received the Snap Shot Award, given for posting the best picture of the year.  However, despite the event being held in June, he only just received his trophy yesterday, some four months later:

landry fields award toronto

So what about the actual picture that Fields received his award for?  Entitled ‘Couch made famous’, it featured the couch Jeremy Lin crashed on during the early part of his tenure with the New York Knicks.

Want to see the picture?  I can barely contain my excitement:

jeremy lin couch new york

I’m trying the best to suppress my feelings that it isn’t exactly the most inspiring of choices to receive an award.  Hey, it’s just nice for the Raptors to win something for a change.  And yes, I’m totally ignoring the fact that technically Fields wasn’t actually with the team at the time.

Anyway, here’s Fields emotional acceptance speech after receiving his trophy during practice yesterday:

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