bozak jackson

Once again this year, an NHL player has found a way to raise controversary around a questionable Halloween disguise. And this year, a Leaf did it.

After Adam Burish and Patrick Kane dressed as Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman in 2009 and Raffi Torres dressed as Jay-Z last year, centre Tyler Bozak decided to impersonate the legend Michael Jackson.

After quickly removing this picture from Twitter (thanks to Wrap Around Curl and PuckDaddy for posting the picture before it was taken down), the Leafs’ centre declared that Jackson was an icon to him, and anyone calling him racist was crazy.

Hard to believe this was made to shock, but after all the repercussions past NHL players had to go through after dressing similarly, it is a bit of a misjudgment by Bozak. Let’s see if another NHL player will post a questionable picture on Twitter next halloween.


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