Terry Dunfield Toronto FC and Canada

It’s fair to say Toronto FC suffered a nightmare season in 2012 as they finished at the bottom of the MLS standings.  In fact it ended with a team record no one wanted, a franchise-low 23 points.

However, despite what some people might think, the team is still firmly focused on turning things around.  The new training ground and academy centre is a step in the right direction and the decision to hire Kevin Payne as the new President and GM was an inspired choice.

I had the opportunity to sit down with TFC midfielder Terry Dunfield towards the end of the season and after much deliberation*, decided to share the interview with you all.

Hopefully you can ignore the fact I, for some reason, decided to announce his name like a game show host, the frequent clattering noise caused by our drinking tea and just the general overall incompetence of my interview skills.

(*Let’s just say this interview is Exhibit A of why I prefer writing.  Hey, maybe I’ll get better with practice. Then again………….)

In the first part of our interview, I ask the midfielder about his time in England with Manchester City, playing for Canada and how he ended up in Toronto:

Look our for part two tomorrow.

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