Apparently Paulina Gretzky has set her sights on making it in the entertainment industry.  What? Noooo! Not that type of entertainment industry. She wants to become a professional singer according to her interview in the February edition of Flare Magazine.

It’s amusing to note the magazine claims Gretzky is becoming more famous for her social media antics on Twitter and Instagram than being Wayne Gretzky’s daughter.  Sorry, but she’s becoming more famous on social media because she’s Wayne daughter.

The interview deals with a whole range of issues, including dating, the rumours about Wayne shutting down her Twitter account and finally growing up.

In Paulina’s defence, if the photo shoot with Flare Magazine is anything to go by, she does appear determined to be taken more seriously i.e. be photographed with more clothes on.  Which is the last thing hockey fans need to hear after Canada lost 5-1 to the United States in the semi-finals of the World Junior Hockey Championships.

It is tempting to tell Paulina not to give up her day job, but I guess we should at least listen to some of her music first of all.

We can only hope she has at least one more ‘relapse’ left in her.  But just in case, let’s hold a minutes silence for Paulina Gretzky’s ‘modelling career’.  Actually, sod that.  Let’s use this as an excuse to show some our favourite photos of ‘the Great One’s’ daughter:

paulina gretzky 1
paulina gretzky 2
paulina gretzky 3
paulina gretzky 4

Photo credits: @PaulinaGretzky

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