It’s always good when athletes take the time to go and watch other teams in the city where they play.  Toronto is no different, with one recent example being Nazem Kadri and Tyler Bozak attending the Raptors game on Sunday when they took on Lebron James and the Miami Heat.

The Raptors Amir Johnson decided to return the compliment by going to last night’s Leafs game against the Carolina Hurricanes:

Amir Johnson at the Maple Leafs game versus Carolina

Regular visitors to Blue Toro already know Johnson is a firm favourite of ours, but that’s one of the best photos I’ve seen in quite a while.

Johnson is definitely rocking the Leafs jersey and he doesn’t care that he’s in amongst the ‘suits’, half of who don’t seem particularly bothered by what’s happening on the ice.  (Highlighting one of several things wrong with the makeup of your average crowd at the ACC.)

I know Johnson is a positive person by nature, but I’m assuming the photo was taken at or around the time of the Leafs only goal.  There’s no way even he could still be showing that much enthusiasm during the third period of the 4-1 defeat!

Photo credit: @IamAmirJohnson

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