I appreciate the start of spring training can be a struggle for a lot of players, depending on how much they stayed in shape during the off-season (albeit an offseason that seems to get shorter every year.)

However, if you were to pick one Blue Jay’s player who would be the least likely to require an extra boost, the chances are it would be Brett Lawrie right?

As such, I’m still getting over the shock of seeing this tweet from everyone’s second-favourite Canadian (after William Shatner of course.)


Brett Lawrie and Red Bull can

It just seems crazy doesn’t it?  Lawrie has more energy than a demented puppy bouncing around nonstop in an undying attempt to sure how much it loves its owner, as per exhibit A:

Brett Lawrie leaping catch at the Rogers Centre

If Lawrie needs a boost then what hope is there for the rest of us?!?!  Unless………..perhaps that’s why Lawrie is always so full of energy.  Maybe he’s hooked on the stuff?  In which case, I suppose it’s a better alternative to using PEDs.

Photo credit: @blawrie13 & @lasmayores

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