It’s a good time to be a Toronto sports fan: the Blue Jays come into spring training with an anticipation unmatched in 20 years, the Raptors enter the All-Star Weekend on a four-game winning streak and the Leafs, despite last night’s loss in Carolina, are in a playoff position with ‘only’ 34 games to go!

All I can say is it’s about bloody time Toronto had some joy on the sports front.  Let’s get to Blue Toro’s top pictures and stories of the week

1) It’s fair to say the Leafs Colton Orr isn’t known for scoring goals in the NHL (11 in nine years heading into this season.)  As such, most people were wondering how the hell he managed to get on the score sheet against the Flyers on Monday night:

Leafs Colton Orr scores against Philadelphia Flyers

I think it helps when the person who was meant to cover him doesn’t appear to know where he is, or indeed what he’s holding.

2) Excitement started to build for the Blue Jays season as pitchers and catchers officially reported for spring training in Dunedin.  Jose Bautista decided to turn up early but was embarrassed to find it was ‘dress down’ day:

Jose Bautista at spring training in Dunedin

That’s what you get for turning up unannounced I guess.

3) Ricky Romero is hoping to have a bounce-back campaign after a disastrous 2012.  Here, he takes a break from warming up to contemplate if it’s better to be one of the league’s worst number one’s or best number five’s:

Ricky Romero at spring training in Dunedin

Accordingy to reports, Romero has allegedly remained in the same stance since Tuesday.

4) Meanwhile, over in Clearwater, Florida…………….

Roy Halladay at Philadelphia spring training

5) Alan Anderson had been in a slump of late, before turning his fortunes around, highlighted by a team-leading 26 points in the Raptors hard-fought midweek win over the Knicks.

Apparently Anderon was prepared to do anything to regain his scoring touch.  I repeat, ‘anything’:

Raptors Alan Anderson gets a lift from Nuggets Anthony Randolph

6) Toronto’s eligible bachelors let out a collective sigh of disappointment after hearing that the Raptors Landry Fields had done the smart thing and proposed to his model girlfriend, Elaine Alden:

Elaine Alden proposed to by Raptors Landry Fields

The way Fields did it has been described as creative by some.  Not that I’m bitter or anything, but I prefer to call it premeditated.

I’ll give this to the Stanford grad, planning their celebratory break in Miami for All-Star Weekend was a stroke of genius, knowing there was absolutely no chance he would be participating.

7) Talking of the All-Star Weekend, another player definitely not going is Hedo Turkoglu, who has been suspended 20 games for steroid use.  This sounds about right for a player who was once was spotted in a nightclub on the same night he missed a game due to ‘illness’.

The former Raptor had this to say about testing positive for anabloic steroid use:

Hedo Turkoglu suspended for 20 games

The suspension couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.  Sorry, I mean a more overrated, money grabbing, hard done-by, waste of space.

8 ) New evidence coming out from Toronto FC to help explain why they had problems winning games last year.  It appears for all intents and purposes that they were scared of the football, thinking it was going to bite them or something:

Toronto FC players scared of the ball

Hopefully new coach Ryan Nelsen can explain that you’re meant to attack the ball rather than wait for it to attack you.

9) Things haven’t quite gone as planned for Andrea Bargnani since he returned from injury, from being booed by home fans to scoring a measly two points and doing little else in 12 minutes against the Knicks.

Here, the Italian consoles himself by tucking into some Primo pasta:

Toronto Raptors Andrea Bargnani enjoying his primo pasta

Primo happen to also sponsor Bargnani, which is just as well, because he isn’t getting much support from anyone else right now.

10) Ok, let’s get rid of the bad taste of that last segment (and Primo’s pasta) by ending on a high with the Raptors, who finally have something that’s been missing since the days of Vince Carter:

Rudy Gay clutch for the Toronto Raptors

And yes, that includes you Chris Bosh!

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