Landry Fields and Elaine Alden posing

I’m sure all of Toronto’s eligible bachelors remember where they were when they heard the devastating news that the Raptors Landry Fields had proposed to Elaine Alden.

As such, anyone who still remains crest-fallen from this development will want to look away now as we look at some photos from the couple’s short break to Miami, where they are currently celebrating their engagement.

As you would expect, any holiday to Miami at this time of year features a lot of nice weather.  Fortunately the couple were kind enough to take a photo showing have much they are enjoying the weather:

Landry Fields and Elaine Alden sunbathing

I feel like I’m about to get blinded if I don’t cover my eyes.  And I don’t mean because of the sunlight.

Here, we find the couple just about to head out for something to eat.  Something tells me they could end up at the worst restaurant in Miami and you still couldn’t get those smiles off their faces:

Landry Fields and Elaine Alden before dinner

Mind you, we should have known there was little chance of their ending up in a dive, because when it’s going well, it’s going well.  Look at the size of that dessert:

Elaine Alden and a big dessert

In fact, Fields was so focused on the dessert, he was oblivious to the couple on the next table sneaking him into one of their photos:

Landry Fields and a random stranger

Of course, no matter where athletes go, it’s always a hazard of the occupation that  somebody will want to have their picture take with you.  At least the Raptors star was ready the next time this happened:

Landry Fields and fan in Miami

Depending on your perspective, we end on a high or a low point, with this photo from the hotel resort where the couple are staying:

The view in Elaine Alden and Landry Fields hotel

Wow!  What a spectacular view.  And for once, I’m not talking about Elaine Alden.

Photo credits: @elainealden & @landryfields

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