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Nanci Hart: Here to help Toronto sports fans feel better

In the interests of remaining upbeat after the Leafs elimination from the playoffs, at least we now get to concentrate more on the Blue Jays and Toronto FC……..(thinking)………aww crap!

Okay, fine!  For the sake of everyone’s sanity, we need to perform a damage limitation exercise. This should help:

Nanci Bunni tweet
Nanci Bunni

I don’t even care that Nanci’s from Miami and is actually a Bengals fan.  When someone looking like that decides to include ‘Toronto Blue Jays’ in their tweet, that’s good enough for me! (Like I even need an excuse.)

In fact, given that she’s a model, it would be pretty selfish of me not to share some more pictures with you:

Nanci Bunni 1
Nanci Bunni 2


Nanci Bunni 3

I don’t know about you, but I’m as distracted as she is in that last photo. In fact, I’m not even sure I remember what happened yesterday anymore.

Photo credits: @Nancibunni

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Top 10 Jay Onrait & Dan O’Toole moments (part 2)

Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole 2

In case you missed it, click here for part one.  Now, let’s continue with the countdown of our top ten Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole moments.

5) Smooth:

4) Angry intern:

3) Jay and Dan get waffles thrown at them:

2) The littlest interruption:

1) Dance:

Goodbye Mr Onrait and Mr O’Toole.  You will be sorely missed.

(I’d wish them good luck, but the truth is that I hope they screw up and have to come back to TSN.)

Photo credit:

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Top 10 Jay Onrait & Dan O’Toole moments (part 1)

Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole

Canada is in collective mourning at the moment, after the news that Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole are bailing on us and heading over the border to Los Angeles for a new opportunity on U.S. television.

And while they don’t actually leave TSN until late June, it seemed appropriate to have a top ten moments of Onrait’s and O’Toole’s escapades on SPORTSCENTRE. Enjoy.

NB. In recognition of today’s ADD generation, we’ve split this blog into two parts.

10) No laughing matter:

9) Jokes on you Animal Kingdom:

8 ) T-Rex arms:

7) Vancouver’s biological clock:

6) Why are we here:

Click here for part two.

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Blue Jays and Maple Leafs fans: At least one reason to smile

With things not going quite as planned right now for the Blue Jays and Maple Leafs, here’s at least one reason for fans to keep smiling, courtesy of Helena C:

Blue Jays fan Helena C
Helena C Blue Jays fan
Helena C Maple Leafs fan

I’m guessing old habits die hard for Leafs fans, as Helena appeared to be too ashamed too show her face in that last photo.

For the next picture, you can take either the expression on her friends face or the dude directly behind them and apply that to me right now.

Helena C and friend at Blue Jays game

Now take my facial expression and increase it tenfold after looking at these:

Warning: Some of this content may be deemed inappropriate or lead to early puberty for our younger audience:

Helena C 4

Helena C 3

Helena C 2

Helena C

Maybe the Blue Jays or the Leafs should adopt Helena as a team mascot.  I can’t think of any better inspiration to come from behind when you’re trailing in a game……

Photo credits: @helenaCXC

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Blue Toro’s top sports pictures of the week

What a week. The Blue Jays continued their lacklustre start to the season, while the Raptors have started to wind down from their own lacklustre campaign.

Toronto FC stole a point with a dramatic late comeback, the Rock clinched the East division and the Marlies secured a playoff spot. Meanwhile, the Maple Leafs continue to amaze us all with their surge towards the postseason. (Well, it has been eight years!)

Let’s get to the top pictures of the last seven days:

1) I suppose we should start with the Blue Jays, because in many ways their bad start is even more of a story than the Leafs push for the postseason.  And in that respect, this ripoff of the film ‘Major League’ seems appropriate at the moment:

Blue Jays Major League rip off

Let’s just hope the Blue Jays can turn it around and finish the season in similar fashion to Charlie Sheen and company.

2) It’s often said that how you perceive a glass half-filled with water says a lot about your personality:

Blue Jays new beer cup

To be fair, whether you have a glass half full or empty outlook on life, it still doesn’t change the fact that the Blue Jays charge you a bloody fortune to drink alcohol at the Rogers Centre.  And it’s definitely needed at the moment.

3) Okay, this wasn’t planned, but I’m pretty close to changing this to ‘Blue Toro’s top Blue Jays pictures of the week’.  I guess it really is easier to find material when a team’s playing badly.

Talking of which, it’s typical that Josh Johnson waited until he joined the Blue Jays to have the shortest outing of his career, lasting just 1.1 innings against the Tigers on Thursday.  Suddenly, this photo makes a lot more sense:

Jose Johnson arrives at the Rogers Centre

I’m thinking Johnson was trying to warn us he may not be around for long, when he turned up with hardly any personal belongings at the start of the season.

4) What would you think if I told you we have photographic evidence of Jose Reyes playing with himself?  Would you like to see it?  Of course you would:

Jose Reyes playing with himself

Seriously, get your mind out of the gutter. I can’t believe you went there! Having said that, it now appears after last night’s injury Reyes that will have more free time to play with himself, whatever that may entail.

5) Speaking of free time, Toronto FC’s Robert Earnshaw has decided to put his to good use by learning to play the guitar:

Robert Earnshaw guitar practice

I just hope he continues to make sweet music on the field as well, preferably with his shirt on.

6) Turning to the Raptors, I’m the first to admit I’ve been less than impressed with Kyle Lowry this season.  As such, I think this photo sums the point guard up perfectly, because at times his play has been reminiscent of a headless chicken:

Kyle Lowry headless chicken

7) Sticking with the Raptors, my favourite moment of the week was when Amir Johnson took a timeout during their game against the Bulls to take some photos, leading to numeorous mockups including this one:

Amir Johnson the wildlife photographer

Certainly, you can almost imagine Johnson looking out for the lesser-spotted Raptors winning season.  And if he could find the even rarer Raptors first-round playoff win, then he’d really be onto something.

8 ) And finally, as you (hopefully) know, at Blue Toro we try our best to look at the lighter side of sports.  As such, let’s end with this GIF of Chris Bosh that I found earlier this week:

For once the former Raptor actually amused me.  I will now revert back to sports-hating him.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Blue Toro’s Top Sports Pictures of the week

Most Fridays, we use this particular column to recap the previous seven days, but let’s just take a moment to consider what’s ahead of us: the start of the Blue Jays season, Toronto FC’s real home opener and the Rock having a chance to clinch a home playoff game with two wins this weekend. There’s a lot to look forward to.

In terms of the last week, the Leafs took a big step towards finally breaking their playoff drought by picking up seven points out of a possible eight.  Meanwhile, the Marlies suffered two defeats but still look well-placed to make the postseason, while the Raptors……………..well, the less said about them, the better.

Let’s get to the top pictures of the week:

1) With the break for international soccer, Toronto FC had last weekend off.  As such, recent addition Robert Earnshaw used the opportunity to fly home to Wales for a few days:

Robert Earnshaw back in Britain

If ever a picture spoke a thousand words this is it.  You can tell Earnshaw is back in the United Kingdom.  Those fans just look British.

2) Last Saturday was a special occasion for the Leafs as they finally got the opportunity to honour Mats Sundin for his Hall of Fame selection:

Crowd applauds Sundin before ceremonial puck drop

However, while Sundin may well be an all-time great and Hall of Famer, the dude still needs some help in picking a better pants and jacket combo.

3) We all know trash-talking is a common occurrence in professional sports.  However, the Leafs Nazem Kadri found out the hard way that everyone has a breaking point:

Nazem Kadri attacked by the Bruins

Maybe Kadri shouldn’t have mocked the Bruins about missing out on Jarome Iginla.

4) With the Grapefruit League season over, Jose Bautista, Emilo Bonifacio, Jose Reyes and the rest of the Blue Jays headed off to Philadelphia for their final two warm up games:

Jose Bautista Emilio Bonifacio & Jose Reyes

Well that’s just great. It was bad enough when it was just Reyes doing all those crazy hand signals. Now he’s got the rest of them joining in!

Seriously, Bautista looks almost as awkward as a white man trying to fit in with the homies. (Not that I’m talking from personal experience or anything………….)

5) Actually, while we’re on the subject of the Blue Jays, I realise their recent additions have resulted in bandwagon jumpers of all ages, but this is getting ridiculous:

Blue Jays band wagon jumping fan

Call yourself a real fan kid?!  Where were you during the last twenty years?!

6) Ahead of this Saturday’s game at BMO Field against the L.A. Galaxy, Toronto FC unveiled their new food menu.  Amongst the new items available, you can now get fresh cooked porchetta.

Vegetarians and the faint of heart may want to look away now:

Fresh cooked porchetta

7) It’s always good to see professional athletes show some passion when they’re playing. Exhibit A: The Raptors Jonas Valanciunas during Wednesday’s game against the Hawks:

Jonas Valanciunas versus the Hawks

I’m just wondering why Valanciunas is displaying such emotion?  Did the rookie centre just score a basket, has he been fouled or did he finally realise he’s playing on a team that’s not going to the playoffs for a fifth consecutive year?

8 ) And finally, here’s a picture of Chris Bosh with two fans after riding in the elevator:

Riding the elevator with Chris Bosh

For once, rather than teasing the ex-Raptor, I’m more interested in what the hell’s going on behind the three of them?! Is that person trying to avoid being in the picture or did they just get decapitated by the elevator door?

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

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Raptors Landry Fields and Elaine Alden go to first Maple Leafs game

Respect to Elaine Alden.  Despite being pregnant with her first child, she’s not letting that stop her from going about her business (up till now anyway).  And to be fair, it’s not every day you get to attend your first ever Maple Leafs game.

I’m guessing Alden was pretty excited, as she got her fiance, the Raptors Landry Fields, to take a picture of her before they headed down to the Air Canada Centre:

Elaine Alden heading to the Leafs game

Upon arriving, the couple also made sure to get a photo of themselves inside the ACC to mark the occasion:

Elaine Alden and Landry Fields at the Leafs game

As you’d expect for a professional athlete and a model, they had a pretty good view of the action for the game against the Florida Panthers:

Landry Fields view at first ever Leafs game

Despite the Leafs struggling early on, Fields and Alden picked a decent first game to go to, as the home side clinched an important 3-2 win with two goals from Joffrey Lupul and one from captain Dion Phaneuf.

Actually, talking of Phaneuf, like Fields, he also does pretty well for himself off the ice.  Unfortunately, it appears the delectable Elisha Cuthbert was not around to see her fiance score last night.  I wonder how she’ll make it up to him:

Elisha Cuthbert in sexy pose

Hmmm, something tells me she isn’t in the bad books too often where Dion’s concerned.

NB: The writer acknowledges 100% that he was looking for any excuse, no matter how lame, to show the above photo.

Photo credits: @elainealden & @landryfields

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Top Ten Toronto Sports Pictures of the week

Well, what a week it’s been. The Leafs got back on track by picked up points in three-straight games.  Meanwhile, the Raptors predictably lost to the Heat but not so predictably against the lowly Bobcats.

Toronto FC played well (at least in the second half) but unfortunately came up short against the Montreal Impact.  At least the Marlies won all three games they played this week and, along with the Rock, seem well placed to make it to the playoffs.

Lets get to the top pictures of the last seven days:

1) The Dominican Republic were the well-deserved winners of the WBC.  On the flight back to Florida, the Blue Jays Jose Reyes posted some pictures of himself, including this one with the Yankees Robinson Cano:

Jose Reyes and Robinson Cano

I admit I’m not ‘down with the kids’, so I have no idea what those hand signals mean (although I could hazard a guess at what Cano’s doing.) I just hope Reyes continues with the Superman impression during the coming season.

2) Actually, maybe Reyes would be more motivated if these two fans made the effort to attend some Blue Jays games this year:

Dominican Republic fans at the WBC

At least I now know why the Dominican Republic became the first team to go undefeated on the way to winning the WBC Championship.

3) It looks like the mystery Ottawa Senators fan has struck again.  After previously targeting Phil Kessel, Dion Phaneuf has become the latest victim of the less-than-savoury washroom treatment:

Dion Phaneuf in the bathroom

Fortunately, Phaneuf doesn’t have to stand for this crap.  Mind you, only because it’s not in one of the cubicles.

4) I guess we just have to accept that Leafs-bashing will always be a source of amusement for hockey fans, as per this further example:

How to play goal against the Leafs

I’m sorry smart arse, but if you’d actually done your research, I think you’ll find it’s the Leafs own goaltenders’ who’ve been playing like that of late.

5) Given that I live by the motto that two wrongs do make a right, I suppose it’s only right we give some grief back to someone. How about the Canucks?  They seem like fair game:

Laughing about Vancouver trade demands

6) This photo qualifies as one of my favourites of the week, purely based on the fact it features Brett Lawrie’s attractive girlfriend Paige Brendel celebrating her cute friend’s birthday:

Paige Brendel celebrating her friends birthday

7) There was an amusing moment during the game between Oklahoma City and Dallas when Kevin Durant crossed the hell out of ex-Raptor Vince Carter, leading to this image on ESPN’s Sportscenter:

On ESPN Sportscenter after Kevin Durant crossed Vince Carter

8 ) The Tiger-Cats Greg Wojt tweeted this photo of himself and the Argonauts Joe Eppele without any explanation whatsoever:

Argonauts Joe Eppele and Tiger Cats Greg Wojt

As such, I’ve decided Wojt is conceding the Argonauts will push the Tiger-Cats around on the field this season, resulting in their players ending up in the A&E department.

9) Don’t you hate it when you’ve just scored a goal and you go to high-five the fans, but only realise a split second beforehand that there’s plexi-glass in the way:

Nazem Kadri celebrates with fans


10) And finally, the Toronto Rock cheerleaders attended last Saturday’s Leafs game at the acc.  Here they are posing with Walter Gretzky and Leafs announcer Joe Bowen:

Walter Gretzky, Joe Bowen & Rock Cheerleaders

Poor Walter looks like he’s barely hanging on in the presence of such a bevy of beauties, while Bowen appears to be doing a gentlemen’s version of ’the Rob Ford’.  Mind you, who knows what he’s up to with his other hand?

Enjoy your weekend.

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Top Ten Toronto sports pictures of the week

Well, it’s one of those weekends that you look forward to as a sports fan, with six of Toronto’s professional sports teams in action.  Of course there’s every risk your partner may leave you, although you likely won’t notice until tomorrow night when the kids start bugging you to iron their clothes and prepare their packed lunches.

Anyway, let’s get to the top pictures of the last seven days, although I want to prepare Leafs fans for the amount of teasing their team is getting this week.  (I know what a sensitive bunch you can be at times.  Just remember, it’s only a bit of fun.)

1) There was an embarrassing moment earlier this week when the Blue Jays played the Red Sox and John Farrell begged Jose Bautista to persuade Alex Anthopoulos to let him come back:

Jose Bautista and John Farrell

Kudos to Bautista, who managed to keep a straight face while Farrell quietly sobbed over his shoulder.  Sorry, I meant to say squealed like the two-faced, conniving bitch that he is. (Angry? Moi?!  Whatever gives you that idea?)

2) Ahead of last weekend’s home opener at the Skydome, Toronto FC took part in their customary pre-game huddle:

Toronto FC pre game huddle

Given the weather in Montreal, today’s game against the Impact is taking place at the Olympic Stadium.  This is a good move as you can just imagine the problems the referee would have, struggling to break up the pre-game huddle as the players battled desperately to keep warm.

3) There’s nothing worse than when senility sets in for older family members.  At least that’s what I think has happened to this gentlemen here, who, by the way he’s squinting, doesn’t appear to recognise that he’s holding the Stanley Cup:

Leafs fan with the Stanley Cup

To be fair, senile or not, after 46 years since the last championship, you’re going to struggle to remember what the trophy looks like.

4) One of the bonuses of regularly working out is the potential to bump into professional athletes at your local gym, which is what happened at L.A. Fitness earlier this week.  Can you guess which one of these two people plays for the Toronto Argonauts:

Andre Durie and a fan at L.A. Fitness

If you picked the guy on the left, it’s possible you either have low expectations for the Argonauts and/or a warped perspective on reality.

5) As unsubstantiated rumours of Chris Bosh’s sexuality continue to circulate around the internet, the former Raptor does little to help his case:

Chris Bosh & Lebron James

6) Andrea Bargnani’s season-ending elbow injury was met with relief by the Raptors after he recently asked them to play the rest of the campaign in these camouflage jerseys:

Andrea Bargnani camouflage uniform

Bargnani was hoping that wearing the uniforms would make him less noticeable to everyone.  The Raptors didn’t have the heart to tell the Italian people were already under the impression he wasn’t there, especially when looking at some of his stat lines.

7) You have to love the Blue Jays new advertising campaign in light of the upcoming season, although I think the question is pretty redundant:

Are you ready Toronto Blue Jays advertising slogan

Are they kidding?! Given that it’s been 20 seasons since the Jays were last in the post season, I don’t think fans have been this ready since they were about to lose their virginity.

8 ) Not that I’ve been waiting several weeks to use this photo or anything, but I can finally confirm that sometimes it really is a dog’s life being a Maple Leafs fan:

Its a dogs life being a Toronto Leafs fan

9) Talking of which, here’s reason number 341 that you know the Maple Leafs are in a bad slump. The players don’t even know where the puck is:

Leafs game spot the puck

10) And finally, I feel compelled to ask this Leafs fan: “Why the long face?”

Horse wearing Maple Leafs cap

Of course!  It’s because of the current four-game losing streak isn’t it! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Enjoy your weekend

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Top Ten Toronto sports pictures of the week

Another eventful seven days on the Toronto sports scene: The Leafs hit the halfway point of the regular season primed to finally break their playoff drought, the Raptors ended a five-game losing streak against the Suns, before beginning another last night against the Lakers and Toronto FC lost their season-opener in Vancouver.

Lets get to the top ten pictures of the week.

1) Last Saturday represented a rare day off for the Leafs.  And yet some of the players still decided to go down to the ACC and chill in the Raptors locker room:

Maple Leafs players in the Raptors locker room

Are they mad? I appreciate they have more exciting jobs than most people, but surely it’s still the equivalent of taking a day off from your law firm and yet still going in to hanging out with Mavis and Betty in finance.

2) The social media world can be a cruel place at times. As Chris Bosh continues to deal with unfounded claims about his sexuality, he decides to go on television to defend himself:

Chris Bosh look a like

3) No matter how well the Leafs Nazem Kadri has been playing of late, it appears that he still remains unpopular with some fans:

Leafs Nazem Kadri Not everyone likes him apparently

4) Here’s the latest must-have item for Toronto hockey fans; Maple Leafs headphones:

Maple Leafs earphones

What makes this product unique is that it comes with built-in crowd noise to combat Leafs games at the ACC, so you can turn up the volume whenever the fans are being quiet. (Better take a charger or a spare pair of batteries along with you just in case.)

5) Great photo from a recent Blue Jays spring training game, proving that no matter how old you are, some things never fail to bring a smile to your face as you’re reduced to the same mental age as a 14 year old:

Twins Mauer smiling at Blue Jays player

6) Just as we suspected!  Finally, conclusive proof that sometimes it really is a dog’s life being a Toronto FC fan:

Its a dogs life being a Toronto FC fan

7) As the Senators prepared to play the Leafs at the ACC on Wednesday night, Daniel Alfredsson regrets using a Toronto-based company to purchase his new skates:

Daniel Alfredsson new skate

8 ) Reason number 379 why it may finally be time for Andrea Bargnani to move on: The rest of your teammates pretend to watch the big video screen so as to avoid talking to you:

Bargnani and Raptors teammates

In fact, the Italian may as well be wearing a camouflage uniform.

9) Talking of which, that’s exactly what the Marlies wore on Sunday to honour the Canadian Forces.  Here’s Corey Syvret sitting on the bench, wishing he really was camouflaged:

Toronto Marlies Corey Syvret on the bench

10) And finally, I assume this sign for Real Sports Bar & Grill is meant to be a positive selling point:

Real Sports grill and bar promise

Let’s hope it’s not using the Bargnani 2006 NBA draft as the focal point of it’s advertising campaign.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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