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Toronto Sports Fan of the Week: Leafs fan Erin

erin 2

Editor’s note: As always, please remember that the views of Jack Douglas do not reflect those of Blue Toro or anyone affiliated with this website.

Merry Christmas one and all! I love this time of year. Everyone’s drinking, women are more friendlier and easier to pull. Anyway, here’s our last Toronto sports fan of the week for 2013. Meet Erin, who’s a Leafs fan, blonde and has a sweet ass. What more could you want? Just wish I could get to unwrap it on Christmas morning. Enjoy!

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Toronto sports fan of the week: Leafs fan Amanda

Editor’s note: As always, please remember that the views of Jack Douglas do not reflect those of Blue Toro or anyone affiliated with this website.

What”s up Toronto?  Dunno why I didn”t do this sooner, but I”m gonna do this feature at the start of the week from now on.  We”re all pissed off on a Monday morning anyway, so need something to perk us up.

Here to do just that is Amanda, who”s from Toronto and is a Leafs fan.  She describes herself as 25, blonde, fun sized and easily distracted by shiny objects.  What more could a bloke want?

Amanda 10
Amanda 1
Amanda 6
Amanda 4
Amanda 3
Amanda 8
Amanda 9
Amanda 7

You”ll have to excuse me for a minute.  I just accidently dropped my cars keys and need to get down on my hands and knees to find them.

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Top Toronto Athlete sightings of the week

As part of Blue Toro’s on-going/never-ending quest to provide interesting content, welcome to our new weekly feature: Top Toronto Athlete sightings of the week.

As regular readers know, we often feature public shots of athletes who ply their trade in Toronto.  However, rather than producing random blogs discussing these various sightings, we thought it would make more sense to collate them into a weekly feature.

As such, we now present our inaugural column.  Please feel free to contact us with your feedback, constructive or otherwise:


James Reimer with a Blue Jays fan

Removing whatever doubt was left that James Reimer never stops smiling, here he is taking the time to pose with a fan, despite dealing with the fallout from the Leafs game 7 meltdown.  Mind you, now that we know who the goaltender is going home to every night, I think we’d all have a permanent smile on our face under those circumstances.


Joffrey Lupul at the vampire weekend concert

Meanwhile, Joffrey Lupul appears to be doing his best to avoid the spotlight, which might explain why he went under the cover of darkness to attend the Vampire Weekend Concert last night.  However, he still couldn’t avoid the fans. If his left fist and expression on his face are any indication, the winger appears close to lashing out at somebody.


Joe Eppele at Real Sports for game 7

Argonauts offensive lineman Joe Eppele was at RealSports Bar with some friends on Monday night to watch the Leafs game against the Bruins.  They all seem quite happy, so I’m assuming the photo was taken sometime before the last two minutes of regulation.  Either that, or they just don’t care.


Brett Lawrie being Brett Lawrie

While this isn’t what you’d usually term as a social sighting, we felt obliged to share this photo of Brett Lawrie.  I’m sure plenty of women out there can empathise with how much of a pain it is when you’re preparing to go out and you’ve misplaced your makeup mirror.


Jose Bautista and a couple of fans

This picture actually comes from last weekend, when Jose Bautista went out for a meal in Boston.  How do we know he’s in Boston? Look no further than the guy not bothering to stand up for the photo, basically embodying the arrogant sense of self-importance normally associated with Boston sports fans.


Rudy Gay at H&M in Baltimore

Quick quiz: Why do you think the Raptors Rudy Gay looks less than happy? Is it because; a) He’s in Baltimore, b) He’s shopping at H&M or c) The Grizzlies have clearly shown they don’t need him.


R A Dickey receives an honorary doctorate

Blue Jays pitcher R.A. Dickey received an honorary doctorate from Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto earlier this week, i.e. he didn’t actually put any time or effort in to earn it.  This led to questions about if his Cy Young award was also an honorary one, given the way he’s performed at times this season.


James Liles meets Dion Phaneuf

And finally, I’m not saying fan James Liles is pissed off with Dion Phaneuf, but here’s a photo that was taken when he ‘meet’ the Leafs captain.

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Former Leafs goaltender Curtis Joseph gets spotted in Lowes

Curtis Joseph may be retired, but he certainly hasn’t been forgotten.  Look no further than Leafs fan Robert DeRose, who was thrilled to have his photo taken with the former goaltender at Lowes in Windsor :

Curtis Joseph and fan

Heading into this campaign, many Leafs fans were still pining for the days of Joseph, who averaged 33 wins per season between 1998-2002 in Toronto.  However, as highlighted by James Reimer’s performance during last night’s 2-1 victory in Boston, the Leafs appear to have finally found a suitable replacement.

In fact, if Reimer can have even half of Joseph’s success (454 career wins), the Leafs may be about to become regular contenders again.  As long as he doesn’t also attempt to challenge Joseph’s record of 352 career losses, the second-most in NHL history.

Photo credit: @DoctorRobert

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Leafs v Bruins: Elisha Cuthbert’s not so happy ending

It turns out the guy sat by Elisha Cuthbert during game 4 at the ACC between the Leafs and Bruins wasn’t the only reason for her pulling faces like this one:

Elisha Cuthbert

Apparently, the actress already had an inkling her latest television sitcom was going to be cancelled by ABC.  Not the ‘Happy Ending’ she was hoping for I guess. (Shake head or insert groan here.)

I think it’s safe to say it hasn’t exactly been the best of week’s for Miss Cuthbert.  At least she has that little ray of sunshine in her life, i.e. Dion Phaneuf, to cheer her up:

Dion Phaneuf in Redbull cap

Photo credits: @jenayap & @Bluejaysmemes

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Maple Leafs: An extra incentive for tonight’s game vs the Bruins

And so it come’s down to this: Do or die for the Maple Leafs. Lose, and your season’s over.  As such, I can’t imagine the players will need any incentive to give it 100% tonight against the Bruins.

However, just in case one or two of the players are struggling for inspiration, maybe this will help, courtesy of Leafs fan Michelle Griffin:

Leafs fan

Sorry, wrong picture!  That’s from my private collection. Errr, let’s try again:

Michelle Griffin

That’s more like it.  I’m going to hazard a guess that both the players and the fans are now up for tonight’s game.

Photo credits: @mgrriffin

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Leafs: Kit Harington in attendance at the ACC

While it doesn’t quite compare to being at a Lakers game, Elisha Cuthbert wasn’t the only celebrity at last night’s game between the Leafs and Bruins.  Also in attendance at the ACC was actor Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow in the hit TV show Game of Thrones:

Kit Harington at Leafs game

Harington is currently in Toronto to film the action/adventure movie Pompeii and was previously in town during 2011 for the making of Silent Hill: Revelation.  If the Leafs shirt is anything to go by, it appears he’s already been brainwashed by the MLSE money-making machine.  (Leading to token “You know nothing Jon Snow!” comment from Canadiens and Senators fans.)

In some respects, Harington couldn’t have picked a more exciting game to go to, even though the Leafs ended up losing 4-3 in overtime.  If nothing else, it gives him the chance to learn quickly about how painful it is to be a Leafs fan.

Unlike his character Jon Snow, at least Canada is one place where Harington can actually be excited about the prospect of winter coming.  In fact, with the Leafs looking on the verge of being knocked out of the playoffs, it can’t come soon enough.

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April Reimer and Elisha Cuthbert eye rolling reaction to Leafs loss is not a cat fight

The Score: Tonight the Toronto Maple Leafs lost in overtime to the Boston Bruins. CBC often had their cameras fixed on the Reimer family, as his mother and wife were side-by-side, suffering through each and every play with James, the Leafs’ tender. When teams provide the players with family tickets, they lump them all together. That means Reimer’s family would be in the same section as Dion Phaneuf’s girlfriend, actress Elisha Cuthbert.

After the overtime winner was scored, they cut back to the Reimer family, only to see James’ wife giving a look to Cuthbert, who promptly rolls her eyes and dismisses her. It’s a hilarious moment because you can probably guess what happened: the Bruins scored, Cuthbert made some half-thought out exclamation as all fans do (something like “oh you gotta stop that!” or “stupid goalie!”), Mrs. Reimer gives her the eyes and maybe says something, and…awwwkwarrrrd.

Seems like it wasn’t Miss Cuthbert who made a stupid comment after the goal.

Anyway, the big question remains: do you blame Phaneuf for the loss?

Leafs vs Bruins: Leafs Nation raring to go

The game may still be nine hours away, but if these tweets are anything to go by, Leafs Nation is pumped up and raring to go for tonight”s game at the ACC:

I”m thinking it”s way too early in the day to be this psyched, but maybe I”m just showing my age.  Certainly, Leafs fans never fail to impress me with their passion and enthusiasm, especially after what happened in game 3.

I think we can safely say productivity is going to take a major hit today, regardless of where people work. (This may or may not be a subtle message for the benefit of my boss.)

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Former Kings fan Taylor Stevens is now cheering for the Toronto Maple Leafs

taylor steven - maple leafs - credit: taylorstevens
taylor stevens - toronto - credit: twitter

Remember her? Taylor Stevens. Hey “two friends” got super famous last year while distracting Peter Deboer during the Kings vs Devils Stanley Cup finals. Besides being a huge hockey fan, she’s a webcam superstar adult model bouncy blonde who loves to play. Born in Toronto, Canada.

The Leafs are in the playoffs for the first time since the invention of HD TV, and like many people in Toronto, she’s jumping on the bandwagon. Good girl. If you’re fortunate enough to go to the ACC this weekend, keep your eyes open for her, and adult star Tera Patrick. Let us know by email, Facebook or Twitter if you get the chance to chest-pump her.