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Toronto Rock cheerleaders 2013 photo shoot

Toronto Rock cheerleader and Father Christmas

I don’t know if it’s because it’s Christmas, or because they’re trying to entice people to buy tickets for the new season, but here’s a gift from the Toronto Rock that I think we can all enjoy:

Something tells me you’ll want to keep an eye out for the Rock cheerleaders this coming season.  Follow them on Twitter @Rock_Cheer

Photo credit: @Rock_Cheer

Toronto Rock hold first-ever Town Hall Meeting: Unveil new third jersey

Last night, the Toronto Rock held their first-ever Town Hall meeting.  However, much to my disappointment, the meeting took place at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre (TRAC) in Oakville rather than in an actual Town Hall:

Toronto Rock Town Hall Meeting

One of the main reasons for starting up what will, hopefully, become an annual event was to provide a forum for fans to speak with some of the Rock players and ownership:

Toronto Rock Town Hall Meeting underway
Toronto Rock Town Hall Meeting Q & A

As an added bonus, fans also got the chance to take a tour of the new facilities, including the dressing room area:

Toronto Rock Dressing Room
Toronto Rock Dressing Room Doyle Locker

Finally, due to popular demand, the Rock used the meeting as an opportunity to unveil their new third jerseys, which represent a throwback to the team’s first two season in the league (1999-2000).  Rock forward Garrett Billings was on hand to model the jersey:

Garrett Billings in new Toronto Rock third jersey

It remains to be seen if the decision to go retro extends to a repeat of those early years, when the Rock won the NLL Championship in both seasons.

Overall, the Rock deserve a tip of the hat for their ongoing efforts to interact with the fanbase.  Unfortunately, I don’t actually own a hat, so I’ll just say well done instead.

Photo credits: @TorontoRockLax

Toronto Rock training camp opens

With the Argonauts Grey Cup win now firmly in the rear-view mirror, Toronto sports fans are no doubt wondering who they can cheer for during the coming months.  More specifically, is there anyone worth cheering for?

The Raptors have endured a miserable start to their campaign and aren’t showing any signs of turning it around anytime soon.  The NHL lockout is still ongoing, but let’s be honest, the Leafs cause more lows than highs these days anyway for the fine people of Toronto.

Well don’t worry, because hope is just around the corner.  If you want to support a team that regularly challenges for honours, then look no further than the Toronto Rock, who this week started training for the upcoming season:

(If that’s what they call intense, I’d love to see them when they’re relaxed.)

Like the Argonauts, the Rock are one of the more accessible professional sports teams in Toronto.  In fact, lacrosse fans are welcome to go down and watch training camp at the Rock Athletic Centre, which is located at 1132 Invicta Drive in Oakville.

Who knows, you may even get the chance to join in with the players, just like this season ticket holder did yesterday:

And if you still need convincing that you should check out the Rock this season, then there’s always the cheerleaders, seen here with forward Garrett Billings modelling some, errr, pizza:

toronto rock cheerleaders & garrett billings toronto

What more could you ask for: Sport, women and food!

Photo credits: @TorontoRockLax