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Toronto FC: Robert Earnshaw becoming more recognised by fans

With five goals in six games, I think it’s safe to say Robert Earnshaw has comfortably settled into life in Toronto.  He’s also making it fun for fans to support Toronto FC again*.

*Last word optional.

As you’d expect, especially with professional athletes, a by product of this success is being recognised more by the general public:

If Earnshaw continues his production in front of goal, expect to see similar scenes, but with more people stopping to harrass the striker for a photo.

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Toronto FC fans show their passion and support in 2-1 win against Sporting KC

Toronto FC fans arriving at the Skydome

Say whatever you want about Toronto FC, but you can never accuse their supporters of lacking loyalty and passion.  Through thick and (mostly) thin, the fans have stuck by the team.

As such, everyone was pumped up for yesterday’s home-opener against Sporting KC.  Toronto FC ambassador Rachel Bonnetta caught some of the build up as the fans prepared for their march to the Skydome:

Fortunately, Toronto FC gave their supporters more to cheer about as they beat Sporting KC 2-1 on the back of two goals from new signing Robert Earnshaw.  After the game, the fans chanted the Welsh international’s name:

Call me biased, clueless, uninformed or whatever, but I have a feeling Toronto FC are finally going to give their supporters something to cheer about this season.

Photo credit: @torontofc

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Toronto FC host kick-off party for the new MLS season

Toronto FC held a kick-off party for their fans last night in preparation for the new campaign, which starts this weekend in Vancouver against the Whitecaps.

After the events of last year, (finishing last in the MLS, attendances at an all-time low, ex-coach Paul Mariner arguing with the fans and so on) this is arguably the most important season to date in franchise history.

And in that respect, last night was the perfect opportunity to leave the past behind and look forward with a new sense of optimism (admittedly normally easier to do at the start of the season.)

Representing the fresh era, new head coach Ryan Nelsen was on hand to address fans, announcing, amongst other things, that ‘it’s out duty to give you everything’:

Ryan Nelsen addresses fans at the TFC launch

And this included giving the fans a new home shirt (What did we expect? MLSE has to make their money somehow after reducing season-ticket prices back to the original 2007 levels.)

Toronto FC with the new home shirt

Let’s just hope the players are as protective of their goal during games.

As always, one of the best aspects of events like these is the chance for fans to mingle with their favourite players:

Terry Dunfield at TFC launch with fans
Danny Califf and a fan at the TFC launch party
Danny Loverman with a fan at TFC season launch
TFC players mingle with fans at the TFC party launch

Whatever criticisms people may have of TFC, there’s no denying they are doing everything they can to turn things around*, including bringing Kevin Payne in as President and General Manger.  (During his tenure at D.C. United, they were the most successful team in the MLS, winning six championships.)

* Technically, can you still use the phrase ‘turning things around’ if you weren’t that good in the first place?

However, for all the changes Toronto FC are making off the pitch, it won’t count for anything if results don’t improve on the field.  We should have a better indication of what direction the team is headed on Saturday.

Photo credits: @torontofc, @TorontoWUFC & @JonGauthier

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Toronto FC: Danny Dichio signs autographs at the Canadian International Auto Show

With the MLS season less than two weeks away, Toronto FC is hard at work promoting the team, ahead of their most important campaign since they first started playing in 2007.

As such, Danny Dichio, the under-19s academy coach, made an appearance at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto yesterday to sign autographs and pose for photos with fans:

Danny Dichio posing with a fan
Danny Dichio with a fan
Danny Dichio signing an autograph for a fan

As we’ve mentioned previously, it’s always a good move when the teams reach out to interact with their fans in public.  Giving away free tickets for the home opener doesn’t hurt either:

Toronto FC tickets to the home opener

Whatever people may think of MLSE, there’s no denying the decision to reduce tickets to their inaugural season prices was a good move, especially in light of the fanbase becoming disillusioned last year.

However, you know MLSE have to make their money somehow.  And it looks like they’re considering branching out into the automobile industry if this photo is anything to go by:

Toronto FC car

Not exactly the kind of car anyone, but the most passionate of TFC supporters, would want to be seen in.

Let’s just hope the team has more success driving through opposing defences’ this season.

Photo credits: @torontofc, @HiSandraDiaz & @rachelbonnetta

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