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Argonauts: Trading for Khalif Mitchell is a risk

Khalif Mitchell and Chad Owens

On the surface, the news that the Argonauts traded for All-Star import Khalif Mitchell is welcome news for a depleted defensive front.  However, the move is not without risk.

For a start, while no one denies the talents of the defensive tackle, it appears the BC Lions are happy to be rid of Mitchell, especially if this tweet by former teammate Andrew Harris is anything to go by:

And the running back stood by his tweet when questioned about the matter in a subsequent phone interview.  “He wasn’t a very good team player,” Harris said. “It was always about Khalif.”

Whatever the potential downside may be, if Mitchell stays (he is considering asking to be released), the Argonauts will have the services of a supremely motivated player.  The former San Francisco 49er would like nothing more than to show Wally Buono and company they have made a mistake getting rid of him.

To say this could benefit coach Scott Milanovich is an understatement.  In 2011, Mitchell became one of the CFL’s most feared defensive players, resulting in his being named an All-Star on the way to helping the Lions win the Grey Cup.

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Argonauts Kenny Horsley vents on Twitter

Argonauts Kenny Horsley

I know this isn’t exactly fashionable (admittedly something I’ll never be accused of) in the Toronto sports market, but I’m a big time Argonauts fan.  As such, despite being more than three months away, I’m already excited for the new season.

And if his Twitter account is anything to go by, one of the people I’m most looking forward to covering is Argonauts recent addition, defensive end Kenny Horsley.

It started off late last night with the following Tweet:

And the free agent pickup wasn’t kidding:









I’d say the guy needs to get out more, but he’s 6’7” and 298 lbs.  Something tells me Horsley could be a polarising figure this season, both on and off the field.  I look forward to it.

Photo credit: @KHorsley90

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Which Toronto sports team should fans root for?

Toronto Argonauts Toronto

One of the best things about sport is its ability to bring complete strangers together for several hours of escapism and entertainment. (Theoretically alcohol achieves the same effect but the potential for an own-goal is riskier when you wake up in the morning and look over to the other side of the bed.)

One of my favourite examples of this camaraderie was the 2006-07 Raptors season.   The mesh of North Americans and Europeans created a perfect storm, resulting in a likeable team everyone talked about.

Admittedly winning played a major part and that’s the crux of the current frustration for Torontonians; all they want is a successful team to root for.  The question is, which franchise has the best chance to rally the city? Don’t laugh too much, but maybe the Argonauts.

The Raptors are reeling from Steve Nash’s collective kick in the bollocks to Southern Ontario and the Jays are a year away from competing consistently. Despite being the only regular championship contender, the Rock always rank sixth for support, Toronto FC will yet again miss the play-offs and the Leafs are…..well…..the Leafs.

The Argonauts, on the other hand, are primed to win now, thanks to the addition of Ricky Ray. Indeed, the team would still be unbeaten if not for the week one choke-job by the overrated Noel Prefontaine.

Although 20,682 for the home-opener at the Skydome (or the ‘dome-thingy’ as my girlfriend calls it) was disappointing, those who did attend were treated to the CFL at its very best; a hugely entertaining, high-scoring game.  More of the same should generate better crowds.

With Toronto hosting the 100th Grey Cup, it’s up to the Argonauts to take advantage of the opportunity and give people something to unite for. (And yes, I realise I’ve probably just jinxed their season.)

CFL Player // Brad Smith, son of Larry Smith, is Canada’s Bachelor

brad smith canada bachelor

Bachelor Canada: Citytv announced today that 28-year-old CFL wide receiver Brad Smith is now the country’s most eligible bachelor, and will star as ‘the bachelor’ on The Bachelor Canada. Smith, who grew up in small-town Hudson, QC, graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston, ON, and went on to enjoy a successful career as a wide receiver with the Montreal Alouettes (2007), Toronto Argonauts (2007-2009), and Edmonton Eskimos (2010-2011). Currently a free agent, Smith is taking time off from sports to find true love.

The Canadian looks like he loves the camera and should give a great show if he lets his true personality come out. He’s a very funny guy and I doubt he will be able to hide his feelings for a long period of time. Some girls will find out he is a very direct guy, and that should give us great television.

Even if his CFL career wasn’t exactly stellar, Smith had a great University career with Queen’s. He is one of the rare Canadian born player to make it as a receiver in the CFL, which is an accomplishment on its own.

Toronto Argonauts // Doug Flutie Cheating on His Wife


Let’s just hope Doug Flutie’s wife doesn’t have internet. According to YardBarker, here’s the dirt on former Toronto Arganauts QB Doug Flutie:

You may have already heard this, but NBC analyst, former QB and father of smokin hot Alexa, has been having an affair for months. He keeps a girlfriend in his NYC hotel when he’s in town sportscasting. Some of the employees have been having a running joke about it, but wont talk. Now he’s running around supporting Scott Brown and playing family man. Hilton has video of her going to his room and them in the lobby, outside, etc. Guy has no idea how to be discreet.

Photo: Doug Flutie with wife and kids before having an affair.

Toronto Argonauts Dominic Picard wants to teach French at Pearson Airport

dominic picard

We all know French is really hard to learn. Especially if we consider the fact that no one listened during French class. Anyway, Dominic Picard of the Toronto Argonauts took Pearson Airport typo very personal this week on his Twitter account. Because yeah, it is a typo. Someone put the little rooftop on the E instead of the O. No big deal.

Photo: Twitter Dominic Picard – @dominicpicard