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Lakers Steve Nash enjoys date night at the Griffith Observatory

Saturday night often means one thing for lots of people, including the Lakers former superstar and Raptors reject, Steve Nash:


Steve Nash and friend on date night at the Griffith Observatory

I would never accuse Nash of being stupid and/or egotistical, but he appears to have the wrong end of the stick (or telescope in this case.)  When people talk about going to the Griffith Observatory to do some stargazing, I think they mean the ones in the sky.

Photo credit: @SteveNash

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Steve Nash becoming frustrated by injury

I get the feeling Steve Nash is starting to become frustrated by his lack of action on the court in the Staples Center:

steve nash los angeles

Even worse, with more spare time on his hands, everyone’s favourite Canadian now appears to be using this opportunity to annoy random people:

And if you thought that was bad enough:

Let’s just hope Nash can recover from his injury soon and use his time more constructively, helping the Lakers in their quest to win the NBA Championship.

Young boy see’s his first cheerleader at an NBA game

As you all know, we tend to concentrate mostly on the Toronto sports scene.  However, every now and then we come across stories outside of Southern Ontario that are just too good to ignore.

Take last night’s NBA matchup between the Washington Wizards and Atlanta Hawks.  I think most men can empathise with this young boy’s reaction to seeing his first ever cheerleader up close and personal:

atlanta cheerleader atlanta
atlanta cheerleader atlanta

Steve Nash attempts the NBA nerd look. And fails

Remember when I said I didn’t appreciate the nerd look that is now commonplace in the NBA?

Remember when I wondered if it because I’m too white & old and more likely to get beaten up for attempting such a style?

Remember when I surmised it is better to be black and 6ft 10 to get away with it?

Thank you Steve Nash for proving my point:

steve nash los angeles

Maybe that’s why Nash missed last night’s loss to the Clippers, because he was attacked by a gang of ‘jocks’ on the way to the Staples Centre.  And the less said about his man purse, the better.

Indiana Pacers Roy Hibbert shows off his soon to be annoying gangnam style dance

Gearing up for the impending NBA season, Roy Hibbert shows off his soon to be annoying gangnam style dance routine in a flash mob at a mall. The video was uploaded to his must follow twitter account @hoyatoapacer. He had better come up with a lot more of these antics to live up to the max contract he signed in the off season.