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Argonauts training camp opens: Latest transactions

Argonauts training camp opens

With rookies and quarterbacks reporting today for training camp, the Argonauts have released the following statement in respect of recent transactions:

Mississauga – The Toronto Argonauts Football Club announced today that the following players have been added.

POS    NAME                      STATUS         COLLEGE

DB       Antareis Bryan         IMP                 Baylor

DB       Joshua Gatlin           IMP                 North Dakota State

OL       Jarriel King               IMP                 South Carolina

DB       Alonzo Lawrence      IMP                 Mississippi Gulf Coast

WR      DJ Monroe               IMP                 Texas

DB       Bryant Nnabuife       IMP                 California-Berkeley

OL       Terris Paliwoda        NIP                  Alberta

DB       Jamie Robinson       IMP                 Florida State

DL       Kiante Tripp             IMP                 Georgia

DL       Jonathan Williams    IMP                 South Carolina

WR      Reggie Williams       IMP                  Washington

The Argonauts also announced that Western University quarterback Will Finch will practice with the team during 2013 training camp as an underclassman. The Burlington, Ontario native threw for over 1,400 yards while rushing for close to 400 yards last season for the Mustangs.


With veterans reporting on Sunday, the countdown to the new season has begun in earnest.  Regardless of the mocking of snooty anti-CFL sports fans, I’m pumped (not that I have a chip on my shoulder or anything…….) and not just because the overrated Noel Prefontaine won’t be returning!

Here’s the rookies (along with Ricky Ray) getting ready for their first professional practice:

There are numerous questions to be answered, including whether the Argonauts can repeat as Grey Cup champions, will the offense and defence improve on last season’s fifth-place rankings and if they can get their average home crowd any closer to the 30,000 mark?

On a more individual level, media and fans alike are wondering if this will be Ricky Ray’s last season in an Argonauts uniform and if Khalif Mitchell will ever wear the double blue?*

* Dear Mr Mitchell, you don’t know me and I don’t know you, but here’s a little tip.  If you’re hoping to make it in the NFL one day, you might want to display a bit more of a team-player attitude, even if you’re just faking it.  Yours sincerely, Paul Taylor.

Rest assured, whatever the 2013 campaign brings, at least the Argonauts are settled at the very top.  With GM Jim Barker, head coach Scott Milanovich and assistant GM/defensive co-ordinator Chris Jones in place, I have every confidence the organisation will be well prepared for the season ahead.

Photo credit: @TorontoArgos

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Argonauts sign former NFL first round pick Mike Williams

Mike Williams

The Argonauts have just released the following statement:

Mississauga – The Toronto Argonauts Football Club is pleased to announce that it has signed import WR Michael Williams.

Drafted 10th overall in the 2005 NFL Draft by the Detroit Lions, Williams spent five seasons with the Lions, Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks. In his five years, he played 56 games, accumulating 127 receptions for 1,526 yards and five touchdowns. Williams’ 2010 season in Seattle was his most impressive, as in 14 games he made 65 catches for 751 yards and two touchdowns.

Williams was a dominant college receiver. As a two-year starter at the University of Southern California, he played in 26 games and totalled 176 receptions for 2,579 yards and 30 touchdowns. 


When you mention the name Mike Williams, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘draft bust’.  While this may or may not be fair, there’s no escaping the fact that the former 10th overall NFL draft pick has been a disappointment.

However, a move to the pass-friendly environment of the CFL may be just what the former Detroit Lions wide receiver needs to rejuvenate his career.  And who better to have throwing the ball to you, than the three-time Grey Cup champion, Ricky Ray.

If the USC graduate cannot thrive in Toronto, the chances are he will never fulfil his undoubted potential.  Argonauts fans looking for any positive sign should consider Williams 2010 campaign, which offered a glimpse of what he is capable of achieving under the right circumstances.

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Chad Johnson to the Toronto Argonauts? Insider report

Currently working in public-relations, our insider has maintained various contacts during his years employed within different areas of the Toronto sporting industry.

With the NFL season set to kick off tonight, breaking news has just reached us concerning free agent Chad Johnson.  According to sources in Montreal, he’s apparently considering playing in the CFL.

The flamboyant wide receiver has struggled to find any interest from NFL teams since being released from the Miami Dolphins as a result of his arrest for allegedly head-butting his estranged wife.

The idea of playing in Canada came about almost by accident last year, when Johnson was in Montreal filming a guest star appearance on Blue Mountain State.  In light of recent developments south of the border, Johnson now appears to be seriously contemplating the CFL after remembering how he enjoyed his time in Canada.

This move could be just what the former All-Pro needs as he attempts to repair his tarnished reputation, surely benefitting from the bigger playing fields and emphasis on passing.

While critics will point to the CFL salary cap as a major stumbling block to any agreement with the Argonauts, remember Ricky Williams previously played for them during 2006 when he was suspended from the NFL.  The recently retired running back has often stated how much he enjoyed the experience in Toronto

Johnson’s fall from grace means he is more open to playing for less money to try and get his career back on track and prove he’s serious about football.  Also, despite his ties to Montreal, Toronto provides a better fit, given his love for social media.

The Argonauts present the ideal platform for Johnson to interact with fans in the fifth-largest market in North America.  When you combine the fact Toronto is hosting this year’s Grey Cup, which also doubles as the 100th anniversary celebration, it suddenly becomes clear why Johnson is considering the Argos.

While it’s tough to measure the likelihood of this happening, especially pending the result of his domestic battery charge, it certainly wouldn’t hurt the Argonauts to pick up the phone and find out exactly how serious Johnson is. Certainly he’s desperate enough to win Evelyn Lozado back by having her face tattooed onto his leg.

Photo credit: Twitter