With the exception of the Maple Leafs, every professional sports team in Toronto has to finds ways to promote themselves to the Southern Ontario market and increase their fanbase.

(Who knows, if rumours of a second NHL franchise in Toronto turn out to be true, maybe the Leafs will have to start making more of an effort as well.)

From the average sports fans perspective, these efforts to find more support can often lead to opportunities to see the players up close and personal.

(For example, Argonauts players and cheerleaders can be found in Shoeless Joes at 276 King Street West after every home game.)

This past Sunday, locals at the St Louis Bar & Grill on Yonge and Eglinton were fortunate enough to meet members of the Toronto Triumph, who are looking for more exposure* leading up to their final game of the season on October 27th.

*I’ve resisted the urge to make any jokes referring to the girls playing in lingerie, knowing full well that if I meet any of them they could quite easily beat me to within an inch of my life.

Here are a couple of photos Triumph quarterback Marife Villagonzalo posted on her Twitter account @LFLTriumph11:

toronto triumph eglinton


toronto triumph eglinton

As you’d expect of any self-respecting journalist (what a contradiction that is), I felt obliged to do some more research on the girls who were at St Louis along with Marife; Andrea Critch @Critch_a, Sylvie Manaigre @Sylviemanaigre and Donna Paul @dpLFL16.

You’ll be glad to hear I’ve quickly come to the conclusion that Donna Paul is now firmly in the running to be my favourite player on the team.  Helping Donna’s case is the fact she has a mind-blowing quarterback rating of 395.2!!!!!.

However, giving that she has only thrown two passes this season, I was wondering what other factors go into calculating this rating and I think I might have part of the answer:

donna paul toronto


Donna Paul Toronto

Yep, definitely my new favourite.