To say the trade for Jonathan Bernier has had a polarising effect in Leafs Nation, is an understatement.  The gamut of emotions has been fascinating, with GM Dave Nonis being called everything from a genius to a……….well, you get the idea.

Personally speaking, I feel the price was too high, no matter how good Bernier is meant to be.  I guess this trade gives further credence to those who feel the Leafs still don’t fully trust James Reimer, which, if true, is just plain crazy.

However, I usually prefer to look at the glass as being half full and in this case I can think of at least two positives to come out of this.  The first is that we can finally stop with all these rumours about Roberto Luongo coming to Toronto.

(The local media would just not let it lie, even after the last trade deadline had passed.  It got beyond boring.  Seriously, were we really struggling that much for something to write about?!?!)

Secondly, and much more important, Bernier’s battle for top spot with Reimer, may not be limited to on the ice.  That’s because the former LA Kings first round draft picks partner is the delectable Martine Forget:

Martine Forget and Jonathan Bernier 2
Martine Forget and Jonathan Bernier 3

It turns out that the 5ft 9 stunner, as well as modelling clothes, is one of the girls on the Canadian version of ‘The Price is Right’.  (Something we’re all wondering in respect of the trade for Bernier .) We’ll let you decide if you prefer Forget’s obvious talents in comparison to the understated beauty of Mrs Reimer:

Martine Forget Price is Right
Martine Forget 6
Martine Forget 3

Forget also happens to model bikinis and underwear, but I’ve attempted to limit these photos out of respect to our female readers.  However, we do have a male audience to cater to, so let this serve as a warning to any women who are easily offended, to look away for the next three photos.

Martine Forget 1
Martine Forget 7
Martine Forget 5

I don’t know about you, but personally, I look forward to seeing plenty of shots of Martine Forget in the crowd at the ACC next season.

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