toronto raptors tickets

Not much is happening on the NBA courts lately, but there’s a lot of heat nearby.

From, a Toronto Raptors season ticket holder has sued the team because the front row tickets he bought became second row seats after the team installed a new row in front of them. Mark Michalkoff is seeking $1.6 million in damages as a result of the situation, which began in 2007 when his company, upgraded third-row seats to the front row. Mark Michalkoff paid $975 per ticket, per game and was told they were “Jack Nicholson”-type VIP seats. But just prior to the 2007-08 season, the Raptors reportedly installed six seats in front of Michalkoff’s at the Air Canada Centre. The new seats cost $1,650 each, or $735 more than what he had already paid per seat.

Obviously the guy is pissed off! Court day is November 15.

Expected comment of the day: Hearing MLSE doesn’t give a crap about Mark Michalkoff. What a cry baby.

Image: Toronto Star