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Toronto Rock lose 8-7: Stephen Hoar blows off some steam

Everyone has their own way of dealing with situations that don’t turn out as planned, depending on what transpired, combined with that individual’s personality.

This could include; discussing what happened with a friend, buying something, going away for a short vacation, crying, having a tantrum or going out to get paralytic before hooking up with someone, then waking up the next morning and immediately regretting it when you look over to the other side of the bed.

(Not that I’ve ever done any of these things. Especially not the last one………….)

Stephen Hoar was met with one such challenging situation after the Toronto Rock let a 7-4 fourth quarter lead turn into a stunning 8-7 defeat at the weekend against the Philadelphia Wings.  However, he decided to take a slightly different tact in order to blow off some steam:

Stephen Hoar of the Toronto Rock blowing off some steam

Now that’s how a guy should deal with matters when something bad happens, while also serving as a reminder to never get on the wrong side of Stephen Hoar.

Photo credit: @Shoar44

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Blue Jays Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar to attend Toronto Rock game

Toronto Rock home opener versus Philadelphia Wings

Unfortunately for the Toronto Rock, they were unable to continue their impressive start to the season, losing the home-opener 8-7 last night against the Philadelphia Wings.

In fact, what made the defeat more alarming was the manner of it, giving up a 7-4 lead in the final quarter and conceding the winning goal with only 10.9 seconds remaining in the game.  Maybe they’ve spent too much time watching Raptors games lately.

As evidenced by the Rock’s history, standards are high for the franchise and the loss hit them hard, despite their consistent success over the years.  These tweets by Owner and President Jamie Dawick summed up how everyone felt:


It’s actually interesting to get an insight into how Dawick feels. It shows passion, while also alluding to how much is expected from the team. In that respect, the Rock are one Toronto sports team where you have confidence in their abilities to bounce back.

However, this doesn’t mean any extra boost isn’t welcomed.  Pam Damoff is a Town Councillor in Oakville who also happens to be a massive Toronto Rock fan.  She decided to get in touch with a certain Hall of Famer:


Given that the Toronto Rock have since retweeted the above exchange, it certainly looks hopeful that Alomar will be going to the ACC some time soon.  It should make for an electric atmosphere.  Not that you need any more incentive to go to a game……….

Photo credit: @justinhuggins88

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